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This barrel of laughs will have you in stitches!Barrel of Laughs

What's the difference between a snort and a guffaw?  A donkey laugh versus a chimpanzee laugh?  Should your character cackle, titter or chortle?  Do you know a truly diabolical laugh when you hear one?

Click on the links to hear examples of different styles of laughs.  You won't be able to keep a straight face!

Click to hear an example of each laugh.  (Windows Media Player format.)
So, how did you do?  Did you guffaw or simper through these sounds of laughter?  Bet you were not quiet!  Every time I tried not to laugh while my friends recorded these sounds, I burst out with "Attempt at Not Laughing."

Here's the challenge -- see if you can remain quiet writing your next essay, report or composition -- especially if your character starts to laugh!

<big grin>

Corey Green makes literacy and learning a whole lot of fun!


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