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Corey Green Hello, readers!  I hope you are enjoying the website and books.  I know that "Information about the Author" is a part of many book report formats -- so here it is!

Trivia: I have been serious about writing for most of my life.  The first time I won a prize, it was for an essay I wrote for Martin Luther King Day when I was in 6th grade.


Like Kyle, I really am an expert new kid.  I grew up as an "Air Force Brat." That does not mean I was obnoxious!  "Brat" is the term used to describe a kid who grew up with military parents.  I went to five schools just for elementary school!  I have lived (and attended schools) in these places:

  • The Philippines (Asian islands in the South Pacific)
  • Hampton, Virginia
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Ft Leavenworth, Kansas
  • Miami, Florida
  • Naples, Italy (famous for pizza!)
  • Montgomery, Alabama (Where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had his first church)
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Reno, Nevada
I also like to bake for my friends to celebrate special occasions Like Chris, I love to cook.  My specialty is desserts, and I am no good at making actual meals.  I think we can live on chocolate alone, don't you?  My fondness for making desserts is reflected in Chris's sweet tooth.
Piano performance Playing piano is something I really love, too.  I sort of worked my way through college by playing the piano and teaching piano lessons.  Once, I had a really good deal -- I volunteered to play piano before performances at a performing arts theater, and they thanked me by letting me see the performance that day.  It was wonderful to see so many Broadway plays.
I always loved reading!  Even at age seven. I have always loved to read.  I especially love reading about kids that were so real they could be my best friends.  It makes me feel like I am going on the adventure with them.

By the way, I am an elementary school teacher.  Can you guess what my favorite subjects are?  This isn't a pop quiz, so I'll tell you: I truly love teaching kids to write!

You will never guess where the phantom student idea in Zapped! came from. Okay -- done guessing? It started in my dad's F-4 Phantom II jet fighter squadron! (The official nickname of the F-4 is the Phantom II.)
Is that a phantom with a fire hose?  Anyway, that's an F-16. My dad used to be an Air Force fighter pilot, and one of the guys in his squadron invented a Phantom Pilot. Whenever there was a problem over who had forgotten to stock the squadron fridge with soda, well, they just said it was the Phantom Pilot's job. Think how much fun these big, tough fighter pilots must have had with their Phantom Pilot!

That's my Dad after his last flight in the F-16. Soaking the pilot with a fire hose is a tradition.

Best wishes for happy adventuring,
Corey Green
Author of the Buckley School Books

Corey Green makes literacy and learning a whole lot of fun!


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